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Sarika Arora, MD
Board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Arora completed her residency at SUNY Buffalo. She practiced acute care medicine as a hospitalist before founding Aum Healing Center in 2012. She completed her Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) training with the Institute for Functional Medicine, where she is currently an active member.

Dr. Arora has a patient-centered approach, designing customized lifestyle medicine programs focused on nutrition education, hormone balance, stress management, and simple, yet powerful strategies for leading your healthiest life. She is extremely passionate about addressing patients from a whole person perspective, evaluating the interaction of genes with environment and lifestyle factors. Her belief is that everyone deserves to feel their best each and everyday. Dr. Arora is also a consultant to Women's Health Network and an international speaker on functional medicine. Please click on the link for more infomation.

Chris Carreiro, MA, CSCS
Functional Medicine Health Coach

For the past 10 years, Chris has served as a trusted coach to some of Boston's top business leaders.  He is a contributing author to the book, What You Need to Know About Muscle Building and he is a member of the Men's Health Fitness Council. His path into Functional Medicine and wellness largely stemmed from seeking answers to his own health challenges. He credits functional medicine and holistic nutrition for changing his life. Best known for producing eye-opening before and after body transformations, he has a long track record of helping busy professionals turn back the clock and experience renewed energy, strength, and confidence. Combining a mix of exercise science, functional medicine nutrition, and performance psychology, Chris is an international speaker and educator who is passionate about empowering people to redefine what they think is possible.  He holds a master’s degree in psychology, with a concentration in transformational life coaching, and he also has the top personal training accreditation in the industry: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). 


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​Devon is a board-certified PA-C hailing from Athens, Georgia. After graduating from the Tufts University School of Medicine PA Program, she began a career in Emergency Medicine. During this time, she found herself longing for improved patient care and time to discuss the root causes of many chronic illnesses.  Educating and empowering her patients to improve their lifestyle habits is what she loves most about practicing medicine. Devon is a lifelong learner who loves sharing and teaching. 
She has completed Institute for Functional Medicine's course AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.)
She was recently awarded a Tufts School of Medicine faculty appointment, tasked with teaching future generations of physician assistants about the growing field of functional medicine. She is an avid self-described amateur athlete who has completed four marathons, is SCUBA certified and loves talking all areas of health and wellness with her patients.
Sarika Arora, MD
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Devon Farmer, PA-C