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“For many years I struggled with "belly fat" and pre diabetes. I was told by PCPs and nutritionists that I was doing everything right re: exercise and diet, to no avail. Always looking for answers and improvement, I was referred to Dr. Arora by a consulting RN at a health food store. Dr. Arora listened attentively to my story, and made me part of my own health care team. Laboratory tests revealed sensitivity to lactose and gluten; and a sluggish thyroid. Dr. Arora followed up with thorough teaching, a written holistic health plan, and worked with me over one summer to adjust my thyroid function. During the first year of consulting with Dr. Arora, when I was out of the country intermittently for several months, Dr. Arora was available by e-mail and telephone. I have felt cared for in an holistic way with accommodation to my lifestyle, interests and age. I have been encouraged and empowered to be my healthiest self, and yes, I have lost 12 pounds.”

​“Dr. Arora is a compassionate, board-certified internist who is generous with her time and who strongly prefers natural treatments. She is thorough in her selection of tests and discussion of the results and consequences. I have been Dr. Arora's patient for some time and am quite happy with her care.”
- GL


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