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Aum Healing Center

​332 Newbury St. #2
Boston, MA 02115
Aum Healing Center (AHC) is Boston's premiere personalized integrative medical center committed to helping people achieve their optimal health. We believe that everyone possesses his/her own inner healer and it is our role to facilitate this healer. By deeply listening to each person’s story, we identify the root cause of each patient’s symptoms. We then design a customized healing plan that is tailored to meet his or her unique needs. Through educating people about food as medicine, movement therapy, and stress reduction, we empower both children and adults to permanently transform their health, experiencing renewed peace, strength, and vitality.

​Aum is a symbol       and a sound resonating throughout the body to facilitate relaxation and healing. It is a meditation tool to help stop the chatter of a busy mind.
Get your body ready to connect to YOUR healing powers.

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Welcome to Aum Healing Center
​Your #1 Choice for Healthcare!

Sarika Arora, M.D. is trained in Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine and is dedicated to providing you with the personal care you need and deserve. She has strong skills in interpersonal communication and lifestyle management. Her professional training ensures that you receive cutting edge information in the field of medicine. As a patient of Aum Healing Center, you have access to the best lifestyle management strategies, leading you on your path to exceptional health for a lifetime.
Success Stories
“For many years I struggled with "belly fat" and pre diabetes. I was told by PCPs and nutritionists that I was doing everything right re: exercise and diet, to no avail. Always looking for answers and improvement, I was referred to Dr. Arora by a consulting RN at a health food store. Dr. Arora listened attentively to my story, and made me part of my own health care team. Laboratory tests revealed sensitivity to lactose and gluten; and a sluggish thyroid. Dr. Arora followed up with thorough teaching, a written holistic health plan, and worked with me over one summer to adjust my thyroid function. During the first year of consulting with Dr. Arora, when I was out of the country intermittently for several months, Dr. Arora was available by e-mail and telephone. I have felt cared for in an holistic way with accommodation to my lifestyle, interests and age. I have been encouraged and empowered to be my healthiest self, and yes, I have lost 12 pounds.”

“Dr. Arora is a compassionate, board-certified internist who is generous with her time and who strongly prefers natural treatments. She is thorough in her selection of tests and discussion of the results and consequences. I have been Dr. Arora's patient for some time and am quite happy with her care.”
- GL

A physician who truly listens to your story.

Individualized healing path.

Faster, more permanent weight loss. 

Substantial increase in energy.

Improved mood and sense of well-being.

Less bloating and constipation, better digestion.

Glowing skin.

Optimal immune function.
More restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Clearer thinking, concentration, memory.

Radical reduction of pain.

Enhanced libido.

Balanced, healthy menstrual cycles.

Eliminate migraines.

Stronger bones and teeth.

Feel YOUR absolute Best.

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Guiding You Toward
Optimal Health and Wellness!
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332 Newbury St.
Second Floor
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 350-3134

332 Newbury St. #2
Boston, MA 02115