Our Approach

Let us be your guide on the path to healthy living.

Let us be your guide on the path to healthy living.


We Provide Knowledgeable and Professional Guidance Through your Functional Medicine Journey to Optimal Health.

Sarika Arora, M.D. is trained in Functional Medicine. She is a caring and dedicated professional committed to providing you with the functional medicine care you need and deserve. Her staff’s professional training ensures that patients receive cutting-edge information that helps achieve health goals. As a patient of Aum Healing Center, you have access to a highly trained staff and the very best resources to look and feel and your best and professional guidance to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of our personalized healing, accelerated weight loss and increased energy programs can result in:
Better moods
Improved digestion
Clear skin
Stronger immune function
More restful and rejuvenating sleep
Improved brain health
Pain reduction
Increased energy
Increased libido
Balanced, healthy menstrual cycles
Improved quality of life

Aum Healing Center is Currently Accepting New Patients